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My Top 5 Strategies for Unstoppable Success

Ok guys heavy stuff here but I know we can handle it!!

I was asked to speak at career day to a group of elementary school students and a little girl asked "how do you define success?" Wow! Pretty big for a 3rd grader! I thought about it and I explained that success to me is being happy and doing what I love. As I was driving home however I thought ...happiness is a state of mind. We can choose to be happy but what really helped me to create a life I love? So I'm going to take it up a notch from those elementary school students for all you adults out there and give you a little freebie! Here are five strategies for success that I learned early on from a guest speaker during my studies and I'd like to share them with you. They are the same five strategies that I share with my clients to help them achieve their goals. So here ya go let me know what you think!!

5 strategies for unstoppable success

1. Clarity of vision "I want women & men to eat real food and love themselves so they can focus on their life and what's important to them vs being obsessed with food. This is important to me because we are bombarded with these images of what we should look like to be accepted, to be happy, to be sexy... And along with the food marketing it's a mixture for disaster. And creates emotional eating and image issues. We become obsessed with food and dieting so we can become "happy". This needs to end!"

So that's my clarity of vision what's yours ? really get clear about what it is you want in your career and your life 2. Know your priorities Align YOUR priorities to YOUR definition of success. What do I want? What's success to me? "I dream my painting and I paint my dream ". Our ability to envision the dream the easier it is to create it. Write what your life looks like three years from now ... From career to friends to hairstyle to exercise to you wake up early? Do you live in a different city? This activates our imagination . Detail it from moment you wake up til bed. Paint picture then list everything you need to do to reach it. Add it to your weekly priorities. And do the daily activities to reach your goals. 3. Eliminate excuses There are those who have reasons and those who have results. What are your top excuses? OK I'm going to share mine I'm covering my eyes right now but here I go... My top excuses... I don't know how I need help No time I'm tired Too busy .....These are bullshit!!!! Recognize your excuses and call them out as the bullshit that they are and then move past the bullshit 4. You guys hear me say this all the time ...Go pro vs being amateur Do everything like a pro!!!! From making coffee to making your bed to talking to your spouse etc Give it your best... All areas. How you do anything is how you do everything Think about ...Where do I need to go pro? Exercise Diet Home organization Career 5. Last extra tip Take a break from social media and stop comparing yourself to others. When we keep looking to the left and the right we don't see what we need. Focus and look straight ahead Ok those are my 5 tips for unstoppable success. What are yours? Would you add anything? My son Michael wants me to add kindness:) he said my kindness makes me successful😘 love him!

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