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I have been working with Marcella through the Eat Clean, Live Big program since the end of June 2015. My original goals when starting this program were to lose weight, not feel as "frumpy" (as often us moms do), and to regulate my cycles. I am diagnosed with PCOS, and hypothyroid, so to achieve these things is really no easy feat. Marcella has helped me in my journey by providing consistent support, and sharing her knowledge of a healthy lifestyle with me. I started with a 10 day detox program which was super difficult. Marcella sent daily emails, text messages, and phone calls to ensure that I felt supported and encouraged to make good decisions for myself. Not only have I lost close to 30 pounds, but I no longer have carbohydrate and sugar cravings (which helps to manage my blood sugar). This is not just a diet, it really is a lifestyle change that should be embraced. Marcella has been there to guide me every step of the way on my journey to better health.  The biggest change that I got from this program was totally unanticipated: my outlook. I now look at food really taking into account the effect it will have on my body. Additionally, so many of my coworkers have noticed that not only am I thinner than I was 4 months ago, but my confidence level has really skyrocketed and they can see it! I cannot thank Marcella enough for all of her kindness and support throughout this journey. I have tried diet after diet to lose weight and feel good and nothing has worked. Marcella has really changed my life in a way that I know I will maintain for a long time to come due to the positive results I have noticed. I have energy, my brain fog is gone, and I no longer require a 2 pm coffee break to keep me going.

When my doctors had no answers or good solutions for my health issues, Marcella provided realistic, natural solutions to help heal my body. I cannot thank Marcella enough for her support, love, and knowledge over the past few months. I cannot wait to look back in a year and see how far I've come.

Lauren Hoffman
York, PA



Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have tried weight watchers, Paleo diet...pretty much you name the diet and I've tried it. I always struggled with those last ten pounds and no amount of exercise helped. I am now sleeping through the night, anxiety is gone, and I am at my high school weight (I'm 40!) More importantly I feel like I have my life and sanity back. Thank you, Marcella. You are more than a health coach. You are a therapist, nutritionist, mentor, best friend, cheerleader wrapped up in one. You truly are an inspiration. XO

Danielle Morris

Lancaster, PA

The Eat Clean Live Big program has truly given me back myself. At 50 years old life has taken many twists and turns and often left me feeling further and further from happiness and contentment. Being overweight my entire adult life, I had tried losing weight through all the conventional methods and diets. Every attempt at weight loss left me feeling like a failure and eventually I would see my weight go up even further. I continued to feel miserable. Several years ago I was so tired, achy and unhappy that I left my career to care for my grandchildren and settle into being "old". 
Then I met Marcella. She was so kind and nonjudgmental. When we spoke she truly listened and I could feel her sincerity. I was so hopeless about my weight issues when I started working with her that I could not even give a goal weight. I just wanted to start seeing the numbers go down and feel better able to function. I knew that weight was only part of my issue. Marcella listened to all my concerns about brain health, daily function, menopause, and creating a healthy environment for my grandchildren. She created a personalized plan that helped me to start small and work my way into healthy eating. She taught me to use nutrition to balance blood sugar and hormone levels. We talked about the importance of sleep, meditation, and physical activity. Marcella walked me through creating an environment for success that impacted my whole family.
The successes started small and kept me going. Marcella kept in touch with me through phone calls, emails, and face to face meetings through out the whole process. She guided me through creating a plan for a healthy lifestyle that included much more than diet. She taught me that nourishment comes in many forms other than food and helped me discover what I needed in my life to find contentment. Within two weeks, I stopped craving sweets and found myself feeling more energetic. At the end of December 2015, I completed the program 30 pounds lighter! My chronic pain and achiness is gone and I am sailing through menopause with minimal symptoms. Most importantly however, I feel strong and powerful. My focus has switched from preparing for the end stage of life to making the most of living life everyday.
Thanks Marcella for giving me the tools to build a healthier future for me and my family!


Judy Ludwig

York, PA

I'm not sure where to even begin. As a healthy, active 53 year old, I feel I have spent over half of my adult life on some kind of diet or meal replacement program.  From Weight Watchers, Atkins, Isagenix (with intermittent fasting), Whole 30 and many others, I have been overwhelmed by the abundance of books, media, magazines, websites and friends telling me about the "next best thing to lose 10 lbs or get that flat belly you've always wanted"! I have killed myself in the gym in attempt to lose weight to no avail. I have tracked every calorie and macronutrient logging into MyFitnessPal until I made myself crazy. Then, I inadvertently came across Marcella's blog through a mutual Facebook friend. I contacted her and we set up our initial meeting. To say I was excited to begin this journey is an understatement. I felt not only did I need a physical detox, I needed a mental detox as well. As a healthy eater and regular exerciser already, I signed up for her 4 month program. Her first goal for me was to reset my hormones with a 10 day detox. I completed the 10 days (with only a couple glasses of wine 😊) and immediately noticed the difference. I lost a little weight, but I felt radiant. My energy improved. I was less fatifued. I experienced mental clarity. I felt less stress and reacted to things more effectively. My skin literally glowed. Our mutual friend even commented that I looked like a teenager! Wow!! How long has it been since I felt and looked this way? From day one she sent emails  and texts that not only contained important  information, but also the encouragement and support I needed to be successful. She created an individualized clean eating program for me that included valuable tools that will help to ensure life long success. I will never be on a "diet" again. I have learned what my body needs for nourishment. She was literally at my side through the entire process. So, do yourself a favor. Follow her plan for better health and nutrition. Learn how to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Thank you, Marcella for getting me there. XOXO

Dee Dee Brady

York, PA

I was unsure of my goals when I first met Marcella. I already ate fairly healthy but I didn't feel healthy. I was mentally foggy, easy to anger, on the verge of depression, tired all the day even upon waking and rarely felt present in the present. I knew I had to make changes but I didn't know how, after all I was exercising and eating healthy.


Marcella opened my eyes to what good health really is. My mindset before was that I needed to exercise every day and eat as healthy as I could but that did not make me feel healthy. I learned I needed to find a balance in all areas of my life, spend more time in my spiritual journey, work on my relationships, and fulfill the passion I have wanted to do for a very long time. Yes I learned a lot about nutrition but for me I had to look at the whole picture not just nutrition.


The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program with Marcella has been more energy and a bigger zeal for life. By feeding my body with green smoothies in the morning and incorporating more greens into my diet, I no longer feel like I need to take a nap as soon as I wake up. I actually feel motivated to do things I cannot muster the energy to do in the past. Also I made the decision to turn to further my education and start a program that I pursued in the past but now have the confidence and energy to complete.


Marcella is passionate and compassionate. She is so full of knowledge and truly cares about getting people healthy. When I first met her at a detox workshop she had at her home I knew she was the real deal. She walked the talk. I didn't know that was possible at the time to actually live out that lifestyle. Being with kids I always have excuses as to why I buy boxes of prepackaged snackfoods, salad dressings and other processed stuff. It was hard for me to envision another way. Although I still have some of those foods around I bypass most of them at the store and prepare a lot of them in my kitchen using healthier ingredients that I'm able to choose what goes into them. Quality over quantity.


Marcella is patient and meets you where you are. There were often times along the way where I took steps backwards and almost canceled my appointments with her. I didn't and she would encourage me and give me new ideas of how to work through my struggles. I learned a lot about myself in the four months I worked with Marcella. I tried shakes, gym diets. I couldn't figure out why they didn't work for me. Marcella taught me that I need to eat real food for my needs and what works for one person does not necessarily work for me.


I have a clear plan now. Life is short and I just don't want to get by. I want my years to be fulfilling and I want to live with passion. It is amazing what good health can feel like. It takes effort and commitment but for me it was worth it. Thank you Marcella for doing for me what the doctors and counselors along my way could not do... Heal myself from the inside out. I'm grateful and hope I can inspire and help people the way you do.

Laurie Hefflinger

York, PA

Relationship status with food: it was complicated. When I started receiving Marcella’s coaching I was 6 years into living a Paleo lifestyle.  Even though most of my food choices were healthy, not all of my behaviors surrounding food were healthy.  And, I knew it.  But, I hadn’t taken the time to invest in myself to gain a better of understanding of them. These behaviors also existed prior to adopting a Paleo lifestyle.  And now, just because I was choosing to eat a “Paleo cookie”, it didn’t mean it was OK to be shoving a dozen in my mouth when my body wasn’t in need of fuel.

My top 3 goals were to incorporate more greens into my diet , assess my food intake/cravings (lack in nutrition vs other factors) and view food as actual fuel, not as satisfaction.  Marcella quickly made me a believer in her morning green smoothie.  This step alone started to bring me more energy, quickly.  I incorporated more greens throughout the day as well.  This addition to my diet also helped to correct my “not so great” skin and complexion.  Once Marcella educated me on acidic vs alkaline foods, the changes in my skin started appearing.

Marcella’s dissection of my food intake and diving into my cravings was pretty eye opening for me.  She will quickly be able to help you zone in on what is missing that causes the cravings.  I knew I was using food as a distraction. She helped me recognize the “how, when and why” behind these behaviors AND gave me steps to take to change them.  She was able to help me balance my hormones, which had been playing a mischievous part as well.

The “a ha” Marcella moment…self care.  Marcella is brilliant at making you face yourself in a kind-hearted, healing manner.  When she first discussed self-care, I thought, “Eh, I eat healthy food, I exercise, I’m OK.” Ohhhh boy, was I off the page! This is where the rubber meets the road.  This is where Marcella connects all the dots for you. This is where the light bulb becomes a lighthouse over your head.  Marcella helps you find your way back to YOU. So many of us have left our needs behind and it can clearly show itself in our nutrition. We may be blind to it at first, but she can easily see it.  Studying your nutrition is a gateway into many underlying life issues. This is where Marcella made me grow by leaps and bounds.  She helped me reconnect with myself.  Her steadfast, yet gentle, approach guided me on a much needed path and I reaped many, many positive benefits.  

Simply stated…you must do the work to reap the rewards. There are no shortcuts. You must be open and honest with Marcella and with yourself to gain real life changing improvements.  If you do this, Marcella will help you open up so many new avenues. She makes you realize that YOU truly are the best investment you’ll ever make in life. Marcella is a fantastic guide down this path. If you open yourself up to her, she will open up positive new paths for you. Her coaching approach combines caring along with needed call outs.  It’s clear she is doing it to help you become better, to become enriched.  

The greatest lesson Marcella taught me…

Invest in yourself.  You’re worth it, deserve it and will live a better life while doing it. Don’t be afraid to truly love yourself.  When you learn to love yourself first, the roadblocks in life start to fall away and new, joyful destinations await down the road for you. Pack your bags, because it’s a mind blowing, fun journey!

Criss Kline

York, PA

My top three goals upon starting the 4 month program were: putting myself first for once. This was also about self development for me. I'm so engulfed in my two girls and husband that sometimes I forgot they need me to be healthy and here for all of them! Food prepping and actually cooking new meals! FInding that I can eat whole, real foods, instead of the latest fad diet! Developing a schedule to stick by for my days to keep on track.


Marcella was able to help me work toward these goals by helping me find my why, why I did what I did when I know what I know! I knew I shouldn't be eating some of the foods I was but at the end of the day I wasn't making the time I needed to properly plan and prep my foods . With such a busy schedule I needed to have a schedule and a plan to succeed! Marcella helped me do so!


We also figured out the emotional relationship I had with food and I learned to really think through my food choices before making a bad decision. Most of all she was super supportive. When I was having a bad day I could tell her without feeling the guilt of failing.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been being able to make conscience healthy decisions when selecting snacks, food prepping and preparing meals, and having control over my decisions both at home and out to dinner as we are frequent diners! Also, getting my entire family on board, my husband starts everyday with a healthy shake and our girls are on board with all of the foods we have taken away and all of the new fun foods we have introduced.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been the change in my energy, my drive, my happiness! I have noticed a new zest in my life and I feel
better about myself, my relationships are fulfilling and positive! Also, knowing that I'm not only helping myself, I'm helping my family grow up in a healthy environment and understanding why we made the changes we have.

I would describe Marvella as super passionate and caring! Not only did she help me, she really helped me with my daughter who has an autoimmune disorder we found in the process. She helped me research and find what would be best for her to have on a daily basis. She really took the time to help me get on track with myself and for my family. I have an entire new outlook on healthy eating. I don't have to try the latest fad or shake that promises weight loss by sticking to their program, restricting eating. She has educated me so much on listening to what my body needs, not what other's think it needs! I don't starve myself, I get to eat real whole foods which have helped me with skincare, hormone balancing, overall mental health as well as my physical well being. I know that what I'm putting inside my body is the best fuel for it and have first hand lived this whole food clean eating lifestyle!


I recommend Marcella to Anyone who is tired of going yo yo dieting and going from one thing to another! Anyone who is dealing with a medical condition. If Marcella - who is super knowledgeable doesn't know about something, she will find the answer for you.


Real, clean, organic, chemical free, unprocessed foods exist and are 100% good for your body. They can be used for meals and snacks vs PRODUCTS!


Marcella, you were the brightest light that came into my life as I was going through a pretty difficult time right after a huge scare!  My stress and worry was at an all time high. I wanted to be better for my family and was so frustrated. You showed me how to better deal with those emotions through switching up the way I was using food to battle, thinking it was making me feel better. I was beaten down from trying things that seemed to work and then didn't work. A lot of hard work that wasn't getting me anywhere. You sat down with me and we figured out the reasons why I wasn't seeing the results I was working so hard for. You were always there for me pushing me and being that positive reinforcement any coach should be, however, you have always gone the extra mile. All you wanted to see was the successes and the goals being crushed because you are such genuine and good hearted person! ABSOLUTELY!

Jamie Binko

York, PA

Every now and then someone enters your life and changes it in ways you didn't think were imaginable. The passion and empathy and kindness that Marcella showed me during our six months together has truly been inspirational.


I have tried every diet out there. Everything worked for a while and then it didn't work. I wanted to find a way to eat without thinking about food. I was fed up with counting calories. Some days my eating would have to stop at 4 PM because I had reached my calorie intake. I still enjoy food but now it's real food and I'm full and more importantly I don't think about it! Of course one day a week I plan my meals and set myself up for success for the upcoming week. Marcella taught me that! I love that she called her company Eat Clean Live Big. Because it's true when we eat clean it really does affect our mood, our taste buds, our choices. And we can get back to doing what we're supposed to be doing which is living.


I am also off my diabetic meds. The weight-loss was slow but I realize that was due to me changing my lifestyle not following a fad diet. I'm happy to say that last week I reached my goal weight of 130. It's funny how that number isn't really even important now because I love how I look. So thankful that I met you. Thank you Marcella. I would recommend you to everyone and anyone.

Ann Paul

Brooklyn, NY

My top goals upon starting the 4 month program were physical wellness, weight loss, and mental health. Marcella was able to help me work towards these goals by helping me figure out what I was eating that was encouraging fat strorage vs fat burning, and decreasing my energy. She helped me figure out the right food and exercise for my body.


The biggest tangible change I've noticed since beginning her program have been my IBS symptoms have lessened tremendously and my migraines are less frequent. I not only lost weight but I look and feel great.


The most significant overall change I've noticed is that I'm happier, I feel healthy and my clothes fit great. My husband is very happy too!


Marcella was dedicated, helpful, knowledgeable, and went out of her way to find the best diet that worked for me. I'm a much happier and healthier person thanks to her. I would recommend Marcella to anyone who's looking to improve their overall well-being, mental health, and physical health.


Thank you so much Marcella for all you have done for me. You have changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful. Thank you again.

Domenica Petruso

Queens, NY

"My top 3 goals when I met Marcella were to maintain a healthier lifestyle, sleep better at night in order to not feel so sluggish during the daytime, and conquer my emotional eating. Marcella was able to help me work toward these goals by giving me small attainable goals to work with, baby steps, in order to not be overwhelmed as I worked through these life changes.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning this program has been a weight loss of 15 lbs that truly felt like a weight on my soul. My goal is not to be a supermodel, by any means, but to feel good in my own skin! When I don’t feel as weighted down and ashamed by my body image, I stand taller, smile more and have a general feeling of wellness.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been the freedom from obsessing over calculating food and exercise and still not seeing the expected results and feeling frustrated with the whole concept of it. I am not controlled by my own all or nothing mentality. I don’t feel as if a “slip up” (with not eating healthy for a meal or a few days or not exercising as I should) means failure. It just means I am human and I have the confidence to get right back to my healthy habits.

I would describe Marcella as an Angel on Earth. She is compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, a confidant, a good friend. Someone who listened to me and worked with me on what is best for me – not best for anyone else. Someone who’s goal is to help me be the best I can be!!! Marcella, you have helped me achieve a sense of peace in my lifelong struggle with food and weight. I no longer have to follow someone else’s plan to be the best I can. I now simply eat healthy and get exercise. It is a “back to basics” plan. I would recommend you to Everyone!!!

Marcella – I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to have met you. You have helped me to end years of anxiety and stress over my food addiction. I have done a lot of hard work over the years to get to where I was in my life before meeting you. The missing link was I always thought I had to follow a plan in order to stay at a healthy weight. But those plans were just a crutch. Even though they may have helped me to drop pounds they never freed me from eating processed foods. AND wheat based carbohydrates were readily available on other plans and I have found that they just trigger me to want to eat more. I had no idea how much food I was consuming that really didn’t have any nutritional value. I truly enjoy the foods I eat now. And if someone says – let’s go out to dinner – I don’t panic about that and revert back to my “all or nothing” mentality. I go, I make the best choice I can and move on. 80/20 gives me that freedom.

Marcella – you are my biggest fan!!! Always giving positive reinforcement and always believing in me. I have met my goals and continue to learn and grow from your teachings. I was SO worried about not meeting with you and not being able to do this on my own. But you have taught me that I can succeed and I know that you are always just a phone call away if I feel I am struggling or need a boost!!!
Thank you!!!”

Lori Hoffman

York, PA

"I appreciate our time together. With your guidance it was easy to get quick results. I felt I was heading down a pretty healthy path but needed some new insight and direction... a “let’s take it to the next level” approach. Over the 3 months that I worked with Marcella I was able to reach my goals. My weight is down, my clothes fit, I have more energy, my sleep has improved and my cravings have diminished. Marcella devised a plan that was just for me and my body. She had me start small (“let’s just look at what you’re having for breakfast”) in order to get BIG results. Marcella listened to my concerns, praised me for my accomplishments, and provided me with the information and guidance that I needed. I am now able to enjoy food more and am a true believer in eating clean! Thanks Marcella!!"
Lisa Swartz

York, PA

4 weeks ago I started a new journey to a healthier me. I was in constant pain from Endometriosis and was preparing for a surgery that I was not ready for.  That's when my friend Mindy Quesenberry, who owns "My Fitness Quest" suggested that I meet with Holistic Health Coach Marcella Cucchiara to figure out a plan to get rid of inflammation in my body that was most likely causing my pain.  LONG STORY SHORT:  Marcella helped me learn how to take sugar, dairy and gluten out of my diet, and would you believe that I haven't been in pain SINCE???  I still don't believe it, but It's true.

Taking these things out of my diet and adding in greens (say what???!) is not something I would have EVER thought I was capable of doing.  I LIVED on junk food.  (no, seriously- I could put away an entire thing of oreos in two days and not eat anything else, aside from maybe pizza and ice cream)  However, thanks to Marcella's incredible guidance, I think I'm hooked.  No pain is a SERIOUS gain in my mind.   

The moral of my story is simple:  What we put into our body truly does have an impact on how we feel. (and it's worth so much more than the momentary satisfaction of biting into a warm icing-filled donut). 

Amy Lutz

York, PA

"My top three goals upon starting the four month program were to eat more greens, have more energy, and clear up some acne around my chin. Marcella was able to help me work toward these goals by listening to me and offering advice that was doable.

The biggest tangible change that I noticed since beginning the program is that my skin has cleared up and is "glowing".

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my ability to sneak veggies and greens into my meals and smoothies without altering the taste too much:)

Marcella is approachable, she is caring and she doesn't start you off by demanding you completely eliminate foods and drastically change your life.

I'm a personal trainer and while I generally know what to eat and what was bad, Marcella helped me work through some problem areas. She also taught me about alkaline/acid foods as well as the blood type diet, and helped me create an anti-inflammatory eating plan.

I would recommend her to everyone including my clients."

Jeanean Shettel

York, PA

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